Arabic Levantine Advanced

Limited seats available.

This Levantine Advanced dialect course is for students who have completed Beginner and Intermediate levels of Arabic and Levantine Intermediate. They must be comfortable in conversing in MSA.

This is a proficiency-oriented Levantine (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Syria) Arabic class. It explores a variety topics related to daily life, work, formal and information interactions; explores popular culture through personal interviews, music, and online publications. This is a vibrant course in Arabic as it is spoken today by educated native speakers. Combining a greater focus on cultural topics. Features include: thirteen theme-based units covering: Arab world, Food and drinks, Health, Sports, Travel and transportation, Weather, Education and learning, jobs and professions, love and marriage, Arab woman, holidays and shopping in the Arab world through coverage of listening and speaking skills.

Spring II
Mon/Wed 6:15pm - 8:15pm
ToBe Determined

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