Yesar Al-Maleki

Yesar al-Maleki is an energy economist and Middle East observer with an extensive knowledge of the intertwining subjects of energy, geopolitics, and economics in the region. He has worked for the International Energy Agency (IEA) and various international oil companies and is a non-resident fellow at the Iraq Energy Institute (IEI), where he conducts research on Iraq’s and Iraqi Kurdistan's oil and gas sector, water challenges, economy, and politics. He is currently studying prospects of joint economic diversification in the northern region of the Persian Gulf, and has written on the impact of Beijing’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) on Middle Eastern port politics, oil rentiership in the GCC, OPEC’s oil market balancing measures, Venezuela’s economic woes, and the prospect of Russian energy exports diversification.
Mr. Al-Maleki holds a master’s degree in Energy Economics & Management from Institut Francais Du Petrole and is a scholar at SciencesPo in Paris. He maintains a blog and is active on Twitter (@yesar).

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