Querine Hanlon

Dr. Querine Hanlon is the founding president of Strategic Capacity Group (S.C.G.), a nonprofit institution created to enhance security sector capacity in the United States and its key security partners. Previously, Dr. Hanlon served as the Special Advisor for Security Sector Initiatives at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). She has taught at Georgetown University, the Naval War College, and the National Defense University, where she also served as Dean of Academic Affairs. Dr. Hanlon is an expert on security sector reform (S.S.R.) and has published and worked extensively on S.S.R. issues throughout the MENA region, serving as an advisor to governments and international organizations on designing and implementing S.S.R. programs. She is the author of Prioritizing Security Sector Reform: A New U.S. Approach, with Richard Shultz of the Fletcher School.

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