John Calabrese

Dr. John Calabrese teaches US foreign policy at American University in Washington, DC. He also serves as a Scholar in Residence at the Middle East Institute where he is directing MEI's project on The Middle East and Asia (MAP). He is the Book Review Editor of The Middle East Journal and previously served as General Series Editor of MEI Viewpoints. He is the author of China's Changing Relations with the Middle East and Revolutionary Horizons: Iran's Regional Foreign Policy. He has edited several books and has written numerous articles on the international relations of the Middle East, especially on the cross-regional ties between the Middle East and Asia. He co-directed the MEI-FRS project for the European Commission on Transatlantic Cooperation on Protracted Displacement.

B.A., English and Government, Georgetown University; Diploma (with Distinction), Comparative and International Politics, The London School of Economics; Ph.D., International Relations, The London School of Economics

Recent Publications

2018.  “Iran under Sanctions: India and China over a Barrel,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2018.  “Oman’s Transition to a Post-Oil Economy: Arching Toward Asia,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2018.  “Sino-Iranian Relations: a multidimensional partnership,” Asia Dialogue

2018.  “Is Asia Iran’s Energy Lifeline?” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2018.   “Japan’s Elusive Quest for a Balanced Energy Mix and Middle East Energy Relations,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2017.   “Global LNG Markets in a State of Flux: Qatar in the Crosshairs?” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP),

2017.  “Sino-Algerian Relations: On a Path to Realizing Their Full Potential?” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2017.  “China’s “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) Initiative: Envisioning Iran’s Role,” in Niv Horesh and Anoushiravan Ehteshami (Eds.), China’s One Belt, One Road  and AIIB Vision: Implications for the Middle East. (London, UK: Routledge, 2017): 174-191.

2017.  “China's Role in Post-Hegemonic Middle East,” RealClearWorld,

2017.  “‘Linking West’ in ‘Unsettled Times’: India-G.C.C. Trade Relations,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2017.  “China's Muslim Communities: 'Under Maintenance'?” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP),

2017.  “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: Underway and Under Threat,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2016.  “Iran's Economic Outreach to Southeast Asia,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2016.  “Responding to Natural Disasters: Rowing Against a Fast-Rising Tide of Risk,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

2016.  “Jordan’s Response to Acute Energy Insecurity: Searching for a Winning Combination,” in Robert E. Looney (Ed.), Handbook of Transitions to Energy and Climate Security (London and New York: Routledge, 2016).

2016.  “Fate of the Dragon in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey: China and the Middle East 2016,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP),

2015.  “The Asia-Middle East Nexus: Dependency and Resilience,” IISS Strategic Dossier (London: International Institute for Strategic Studies).

2015.  “Balancing on the ‘Fulcrum of Asia’: China’s Pakistan Strategy,” Indian Journal of Asian Affairs (IJAA), 27-28/1-2: 1-21.

2015.  “The Arab Uprisings and Energy Producers: Heavy Costs and Ephemeral Benefits” in John Deni (Ed.), New Realities: Energy Security in the 2010s and Implications for the US Military (Carlisle, PA: US Army War College Press), pp. 45-74. 

2015.  “Asia’s Role in the Mideast Solar Surge,” MEI Middle East-Asia Project (MAP)

Issues of Expertise
US Foreign Policy, Energy, Asian-Middle East Policy

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