Course Levels

Wed, Jul 15th 2015, 1:44PM

MEI’s language guidelines are in accordance with both ACTFL (American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages) and ILR (Interagency Language Roundtable) guidelines for teaching foreign languages.

  • ACTFL and ILR proficiency guidelines are addressed through the implementation of innovative and effective teaching methods.
  • All in-class activities (assignments, assessments, level exams, etc.) are designed to assess and test the skills and tasks required for each level of proficiency.
  • To schedule a placement conversation please contact our office at or 202-785-2710.

MEI Language Courses Will:

  • Design and develop teaching materials that effectively meet the standards of the aforementioned proficiency guidelines
  • Integrate dialect acquisition into the language curriculum
  • Assign significant self-study work to make up for limited teaching hours and the 3 day break between classes
  • Offer workshops and training sessions for MEI instructors by ACTFL and IRL, Lingua-Folio-StarTalk experts
  • Offer preparation courses for certifications and official language proficiency exams
  • Offer OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) assessments through MEI
  • Provide modernized classrooms that are conducive to learning environments


Intro to Arabic
  • Can read and write the alphabet.
  • Can understand and use common greetings and basic vocabulary
  • Can communicate with Arabic speakers at very basic level
Novice Low 0

No practical proficiency

Beginner 1
  • Can provide biographical info about self & family
  • Can use cardinal and ordinal numbers
  • Master grammar concepts such of gender, interrogatives, noun plurals, dual form, and present tense conjugation
Novice Mid 0

No practical proficiency

Beginner 2
  • Master grammar concepts of past tense, negation, conditionals, and comparative tense
  • Can describe people and activities
  • Can understand and use vocab relating to Arab culture, religion, and government
Novice High 0+

Very limited practical proficiency
(memorized proficiency)

Beginner 3
  • Can hold practical conversations on topics such as traveling, shopping, and weather
  • Can understand and use vocab relating to travel, entertainment & personal interactions
Novice High II 0+

Limited practical proficiency

Beginner 4
  • Can hold conversations on situational topics
  • Can read and write effectively
  • Can comprehend and converse in Arabic on practical levels
Novice High II Plus 0+

Practical proficiency

Intermediate 1
  • Can use various simple sentence structures and verb forms in conversation
  • Master vocabulary related to social situations
Intermediate Low 1

Limited Survival Proficiency

Intermediate 2
  • Can comprehend and converse in Arabic in informal settings
  • Can write in paragraphs with ease
Intermediate Mid 1

Survival Proficiency

Intermediate 3
  • Can provide long narratives
  • Can hold basic conversation for extended periods of time
  • Can ask and answer questions in uncomplicated terms
Intermediate High 1+

Advanced Survival Proficiency

Advanced Arabic
  • Can vary sentence structure to create flow in written works and conversation
  • Can use and understand Arab cultural references
Advanced Low 2
Very Limited Working Proficiency
Advanced Arabic Media I
  • Can speak at an advanced level
  • Can approach longer texts with unfamiliar vocabulary
Advanced Mid 2
Limited Working Proficiency
Advanced Arabic Media II
  • Can use advanced sentence structure
  • Has a wide vocabulary range
  • Familiar with culture and language
Advanced High 2+
Working Proficiency