Revolutionary Guards Defends Its Militarism

A top commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) stated that Iran is not about to rethink its regional policies or its military strategy. According to Brigadier General Rasoul Sanayee Rad, the “enemy” [the United States] plans to spread the fear of threats in the region to force Iran to recognize Saudi Arabia and Israel’s scope of influence.” Earlier, another top IRGC commander made the case that Iran’s production in missile capabilities faces no “limit for the range of liquid or solid-fuelled ballistic missiles.”


The last few days have witnessed an array of statements from the IRGC leadership about the Iranian military’s invincibility in the region. The catalyst for much of this was the recapturing of Aleppo by Iranian-backed pro-Assad forces, an event that Iranian leaders have been celebrating since. The event was particularly satisfying for the IRGC as it has over the last five years amassed huge military and financial assets to bring to bear against the Syrian opposition to Assad.

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