Iran’s So-Called “Moderates” Back Regime’s Expansionist Agenda

Fatima Zolghadr, a parliamentarian from Tehran and a member of reformist Hope Faction, hailed the fall of Aleppo as a victory for the Iran-led “resistance” forces.  “The triumph in Aleppo showed that if a nation acts in unison to defend its interests, no super power can oppose it,” she told Fars News, a semi-official Iranian news agency affiliated with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

Referring to the United States, Zolghadr said “resistance and defiance” was the best approach to prevail over the “Arrogance.” She also complimented close Russian-Iranian cooperation that helped “liberate” Aleppo and “challenged US-led Western nations and strengthened the standing of Iran and Russia at the global stage.”


The Iranian reformists and conservatives may disagree on many domestic issues. However, as the remarks by Zolghadr – a member of the largest and most influential reformist bloc in the Iranian parliament – indicates, it is not just the Iranian hardliners that want to pursue an expansionist and subversive agenda in the region. The so-called Iranian reformists and moderates also back the regime’s morally bankrupt policy of expanding Iranian sphere of influence at the expense of peace and stability in the region.