Anger in Iran at Arabs Dancing with “Blood-Thirsty” Jews

A mixed gathering of a number of Bahrainis and American Jews has been met with strong disdain by a number of Iranian news sites. Under the title “Dancing in Bahrain by Zionists who are thirsty for the blood of Arabs,” one Iranian site called the Jewish visitors to Bahrain as members of an “extremist movement.” They were reportedly in Manama to celebrate Hanukkah. The article also claimed that the event was part of Israel’s attempt to find inroads into the Gulf Cooperation Council states. Furthermore, the article accused the Bahraini ruling Khalifa family of collaborating with Jews against fellow Arab Palestinians. The Bahraini king was said to be the organizer behind the event.




This Iranian coverage of an attempt to foster dialogue in the region is standard interference and obstructionism by Tehran. Iran, a country that is today officially committed to the destruction of Israel, has since 1979 constantly sought to fuel the Arab-Israeli conflict as part of its own agenda to expand its regional influence. Tehran has offered no viable solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict and continues to provide arms and money to the worst Arab militants in order to sabotage any meaningful dialogue between the Israelis and the Arabs of the region.



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