Rights Group Reports Baha’i Students Expelled from Iranian Universities

By Ahmad Majidyar | Fellow and Director of IranObserved Project - The Middle East Institute | Jan 27, 2017
Rights Group Reports Baha’i Students Expelled from Iranian Universities

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (ICHRI) reports that at least 15 Baha’i students were expelled from Iranian universities in the past one month. The report also notes that university officials collude with the government authorities to “eliminate any trace of the ongoing discriminatory policy.”

One Baha’i student expelled from the Islamic Azad University told the (ICHRI): “Initially, the university administration told me that my documents were incomplete… Then I was told that I should go to the security office, and then they referred me to the chancellor’s office. Some official there asked if I was a Muslim. I told him I had passed the Islamic theology exam to enter the university, but that I’m a Baha’i. He said if you’re a Baha’i, write it down here on this document. I wrote it down and now I think I actually gave them what they needed to expel me.”

Iranian officials deny mistreating the Baha’i minority; but international human rights organizations have documented that the “Baha’is are systematically persecuted, sentenced to prison, and banned from access to higher education.” In addition to discriminating against the Baha’is at educational institutions, the authorities have reportedly also destroyed Baha’i cemeteries and closed down their businesses in recent years.

The ICHRI report is the latest indication that the victory of Hassan Rouhani in the 2013 presidential elections and the success of the reformist camp in last year’s parliamentary vote have failed to improve Iran’s appalling human rights record.

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