Zafar Qadir

Dr Zafar Qadir is a senior professional in the public sector, with a significant diversity in his roles and achievements from philanthropy to private sector up-gradation and corporate sector facilitation. As a member of the “Pakistan Administrative Service” since 1982, he was focused on issues related to donors coordination, trade promotion, energy and disaster risk management. Dr Qadir chaired the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan during its most crucial phase of continuous disasters, induced by monsoon floods, riverine floods, landslides, earthquakes, snow avalanches and droughts in various parts of the country. He managed the entire spectrum of the disasters and has been instrumental in devising long-term policies on Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Risk Management, besides implementation supervision of all DRM initiatives during this two-year tenure as Chairman of NDMA. His other public sector engagements include his assignment as a Federal Secretary in the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources and Economic Minister to the World Trade Organization at Geneva, Switzerland. He also led Pakistan delegations in trade negotiations that concluded SAARC Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) that includes India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In his corporate role, he chaired the boards of PTCL – the largest telecom connectivity provider in Pakistan, Telecom Foundation and TIP (Telephone Industry of Pakistan); and also remained on the boards of USF (Universal Service Fund), ICT R&D Fund, OGDCL, Inter-State Gas System (Private) Limited, the GHPL – Government Holdings (Private) Limited and Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan (now ZTBL). He has a rich experience of working at all levels of government, from national, to provincial, to divisional and to the district. He has particularly worked in the areas marked with complex social and military conflict as a civil servant and as a pioneer of a non-governmental entity, called Taaleem Foundation – the single most effective agent of social change in tribal districts of Balochistan. Dr. Qadir studied management, law and trade related skills at the University of Connecticut (USA), University of Manchester (UK), Asian Development Bank Institute (Philippines), International Trade Institute (Singapore), Advisory Centre for WTO Laws (Switzerland), International Trade Centre (Switzerland) and International Trade Institute (Singapore). He has a PhD degree in Development Studies; and holds Masters degrees in Business Administration, Economics and Political Science.


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