Umut Ergunsü

Umut Ergunsü has been living in Beijing for the past decade. Currently, he is a PhD candidate at Peking University School of International Studies where he is writing his doctoral dissertation, in Chinese, on the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on Eurasia from an International Political Economy perspective. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Bilkent University. He subsequently studied German at the Goethe-Institut, Berlin; Arabic at Jordan University, Amman; and Chinese at Beijing Language and Culture University. He received an MA degree in 2013 from Peking University; his thesis, written in Chinese, is titled “Turkey-China Economic and Trade Relations After Justice and Development Party Came to Power: Achievements and Problems.” His academic interests include International Political Economy, Chinese foreign policy, Turkey-China relations, Belt and Road Initiative and its impacts on intra-Eurasian relations, Turkey’s Middle Corridor Initiative. His articles in Turkish, English and Chinese have been published in many journals, newspapers and web portals. and studying in Peking University’s School of International Studies since 2010. He was awarded full scholarships by the Chinese Government (CSC) to pursue his Master’s and PhD degrees. In 2016 he received Peking University’s Academic Excellence Award for International Students. He is also the recipient of Peking University School of International Studies, 2013 Admitted International Politics Major PhD Students Excellence in Scientific Research Award (Academic Conference Speech and Journal Article) for the 2015-2016 Academic Year.


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