Rikke Hostrup Haugbølle

Dr. Rikke Hostrup Haugbølle is an Assistant Professor at the Royal Danish Defence College. She previously served as Project Manager at Roskilde University, where she coordinated research for  dialogue objective" under the Danish Arab Partnership Programme (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Before that, she was an Expert Advisor to The European Endowment for Democracy (EED) and to the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She earned her PhD in Middle East Studies and Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. Dr. Haugbølle's research deals with reform politics, democratization, and societal developments, with a focus on Tunisia from 1956 to date.Her doctoral dissertation (2014) presents a critical approach to former studies of democratization, and explores the possibilities of an ethnographic approach to reforms and political changes in the MENA with Tunisia as a case study.

E-Mail: rikke@haugbolle.dk


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