Naser al-Tamimi

Naser Al-Tamimi
Naser Al-Tamimi

Naser al-Tamimi is a UK-based Middle East analyst and the author of the book, China-Saudi Arabia Relations, 1990-2012: Marriage of Convenience or Strategic Alliance? (Routledge, September 2013). He is also Al Arabiya’s ( regular contributor with a particular research interest in energy politics; the political economy of Saudi Arabia; and Gulf/Middle East-Asia relations.  In addition to his core research interest, al-Tamimi is a UK-based independent political consultant and journalist. He has worked long years for many Arab newspapers and written/edited several articles and books (in Arabic and English) on the most pertinent political and economical issues affecting the Middle East. Al-Tamimi holds a Ph.D. in international relations and an M.A. in Middle East politics from Durham University, UK.


Twitter: @nasertamimi

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