Mohamed Noman Galal

Dr. Mohamed Noman Galal, a Member of the Egyptian Council of Foreign Relations, is a former Egyptian Ambassador and author. He served in Egypt's Foreign Service for 38 years and occupied many posts including, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States, Ambassador to Pakistan, Ambassador to China, and Assistant Foreign Minister for Policy Planning. Dr. Galal is the author of nearly 40 books on Arab, International, and Asian issues, as well as on Human Rights. The books include January 25 revolution a strategic outlook at its internal and external dimensions; Neo-realism in Arab Thought; Strategy, Diplomacy and Protocol; Diplomacy of International Dialogue; and Islam and Muslims in the 21st Century: Challenges and Responses. In academia, Dr. Galal has served as Deputy Director of Center for International Studies, University of Bahrain (2002-2003); Advisor for ”International Strategic Studies and the Dialogue of Civilizations” at the Bahrain Center for Studies and Research (2003-2010). Dr Galal has been an editor of the quarterly refereed Journal Strategic Studies published by the Center (2005-2010).  He writes occasionally for a number of Egyptian, Arab and Chinese newspapers and Journals. He was a part-time professor of international relations and international organizations at Bahraini Royal Police Academy 2004-2006 and the University of Applied Science 2007. He also taught post-graduate courses at Fairleigh Dickenson University in New Jersey, USA (1989-1991), and the Faculty of Economic and Political Science at Cairo University (1994-1995). Currently, Dr. Galal is a political advisor to the Bahrain Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His postgraguate studies focused on Chinese culture and politics.

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