Mirza Sadaqat Huda


Mirza Sadaqat Huda is a PhD student at the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining. For his thesis, he will be looking at whether multilateral engagement on oil and gas pipelines can be a viable model of cooperation on non-traditional security issues in South Asia, which can lead to peace and stability in the region. His primary supervisor is Professor Saleem Ali. Mirza obtained his Masters in Security Studies from Macquarie University in 2011 after which he completed two years of overseas research experience at the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute in Dhaka. Prior to this, Mirza obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Canberra and worked in the finance sector for four years in Sydney and Melbourne. He has authored minor articles in Strategic Analysis, the South Asia Journal, the Asian Conflicts Report, the Chemical and Biological Weapons Magazine, the Daily Star and Future Directions International. Mirza is an alumni of the Washington-based Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies.

Phone: + 88 01819 238 702

E-Mail: mirzahuda@hotmail.com or mirza@bei-bd.org

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