Marcus L. Stephenson

Dr. Marcus L. Stephenson is an Associate Professor of Tourism Management at Middlesex University Dubai  (United Arab Emirates). His has a BSc (Hons) in Sociology and Social Administration, and an MA in the Sociology and Anthropology of Tourism and Travel. Both degrees were awarded by the University of Surrey (UK). He gained his PhD in tourism studies in 1998 at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has published extensively on the sociology of tourism, especially in relation to aspects of race, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship, culture and religion. He gained his PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1998. Marcus has conducted tourism-based research in the Middle East, specializing in the following topics: the socio-cultural outcomes of tourism development in Dubai; sustainable challenges of tourism; and Islamic hospitality as a development paradigm and a form of indigenous tourism development in the UAE. He has also conducted tourism research in the Caribbean, Tanzania, and the UK, and carried out research for various tourism-related institutions at both regional and international level. He is currently involved in a project looking at tourism development challenges in the GCC region.



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