Kishan Khoday

Kishan Khoday is with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where he serves as UNDPs Team Leader on issues of climate change, DRR, energy and the environment in the Middle East & North Africa region. UNDP is the UN’s largest provider of assistance on issues of environmental sustainability, with over $4 billion of grants today in over 140 countries on issues of climate change, energy, biodiversity, water and other priorities under the 2030 Agenda. Kishan has been with the UN for the past 18 years, serving in senior management and technical roles. He has many years supporting country cooperation in emerging economies with assignments in China, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. This includes leadership in developing and implementing flagship UN/UNDP initiatives in support of the transition to low carbon, climate resilience development pathways. Kishan holds degrees in environmental science, natural resource management and international law, the latter specialized in multilateral environmental agreements on climate change and biodiversity. He speaks frequently at global summits and is widely published and cited on the climate crisis and various aspects of the 2030 development agenda. 


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