Intan Syah Ichsan

Dr. Intan Syah Ichsan has extensive experience in the private and public sectors. He spent eight years of his early career in the financial industry prior to joining the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency from 2000-2004, watching closely how the Indonesian government coped with the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Subsequent to the closing of the agency, he attended the University of Exeter where he earned a PhD from the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies in 2010. From November 2011-February 2012 he served the Indonesian Advisory Council for the President as an independent consultant. He is now working as an Associate Researcher at the Energy Centre, UP45, Indonesia and Associate Director, Division Head of Muslim Fund at EMCO Asset Manajemen. Dr. Ichsan also holds an honorary appointment from the IAIS, University of Exeter (2012-2015).


Phone: +62 21 818172643


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