Ester Sigillò

Ester Sigillò is a PhD candidate in Political Science. Her main research interests concern International Relations and civil society activism in the Arab world, with a specific focus on civil society promotion and its and impact on Tunisia. Ms. Sigillò received a Master degree with honors in International Relations from the University of Florence. Her master thesis, The Three Mediterraneans is a geopolitical comparative analysis of the prrocesses of integration in the Caribbean, the South China Sea and the Euro-African Mediterranean. She also completed a Master degree in the External Relations of the European Union at the College of Europe (Bruges campus), with a capstone thesis on the European Union policy of democracy promotion in Egypt in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Ms. Sigillò has served as an Assistant to the Director at the UNESCO Club of Florence and as MEP Assistant in Strasbourg. From 2011 to 2012, she worked in Brussels as Project Manager assistant in the field of EU Commission’s Development Cooperation (DG DEVCO) and Education (DG Education and Culture).


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