Ceren Ergenc


Ceren Ergenc is an assistant professor of International Relations and East Asian Studies at Middle East Technical University. She completed her PhD in Political Science at Boston University in 2012. She has been a visiting scholar at Peking University, Renmin University, Fudan University and Taiwan Normal University since 2003. She is the author of “Politics of Participation and the Changing State-Society Relations in Reform Era China” in The China Puzzle – The Rise of an Autocracy and Its Implications (ed. M. Hasenkamp), Palgrave, forthcoming (2012), “Groping for Stones To Cross the River: Reflections on Theoretical and Methodological Debates in the China field” in Diogenes, forthcoming (2013),  “(Grand)Father of the Nation? Collective Memory of Sun Yat-sen in Contemporary China” in Sun Yat-sen, Nanyang and the 1911 Chinese Revolution, ISEAS Publications, Singapore, 2011 among other publications.

Phone: +90 312 2103094

Email: cergenc@metu.edu.tr

Curriculum Vitae: http://www.mei.edu/sites/default/files/publications/Ceren%20ERGENC%20CV.pdf

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