Bingbing Wu


WU Bingbing is associate professor and deputy director of Department of Arabic Language and Culture, Peking University, and director of Institute of Arab-Islamic Culture, Peking University. His research interests focus on politics of contemporary Middle East, China-Middle Eastern relations, Shi’i Islam and Iranian studies, and Islamic culture. He is the author of The Rise of the Modern Shi’i Islamism (CASS Press, 2004), which is the first book written by a Chinese scholar on Shi’i Islam. He has also published a number of academic articles, including China’s Strategy in the Middle East: A Preliminary Reflection (2012), Change in the Middle East: Case of Egypt (2011), Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Strategy (2011), Iran Nuclear Issue and Iran-US Relations (2010), Iran and the Shiite Crescent (2009), Iran and Central Asia (2008), The Politics of Political Factions in Iran and Iran-US Relations (2008). He is currently a board member of the Chinese Society of Middle Eastern Studies, China-Arab Friendship Association, and China-Iran Friendship Association.

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