Arabic Advanced 2 Conversation

Description: This Sunday conversation course is designed for students who have a solid knowledge of Arabic language basics, essential vocabulary, and verb forms and tenses. Through coursework, students will focus on developing and expanding their vocabulary, learning to compare and hypothesize in arguments and discussions, effectively delivering oral presentations, and applying literal and inferential comprehension skills (after reading magazines, newspapers, and short stories, watching videos and films). Students will practice oral skills through structural exercises during class time, and they will complete written assignments to reinforce their understanding of the concepts studied in class. This course provides intensive practice in speaking and listening, content is organized around more complex topics requiring a good command of Arabic grammar and vocabulary, it will provide a good opportunity to practice and sustain communication at the next higher level.

Prerequisites: In order to qualify to take this class, an assessment must be conducted over the phone to determine placement level. In order to schedule a placement assessment with the instructor, please email or call 202-785-2710. This course is intended for students who have mostly completed the Al Kitaab part 2 or Arabiyaat al-Naas part 2 textbook. It is designed specifically for students who have 2+ & up (ILR scale) or Advanced-Mid (ACTFL scale). Students who have taken classes at MEI would qualify for this level if they have completed the Arabic Advanced 1 and 2 classes.

Enrollment: This class will take place via Zoom. The class size limit is 6 students in order to emphasize conversation time for each student. Registration will close once max enrollment has been met. 

Instructor: Fatima Kharbouch has 16 years of experience in the classroom, currently at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She specializes in teaching Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) in the United states and has over 20 years of teaching Arabic language, philosophy and Islamic in Morocco.

Textbook: No required textbook, instructor will provide materials in class.

Schedule: This class will take place once a week (Sundays), two hours per session, for a total of six weeks. 12 hours total. April 4 - May 9, 2021.

Spring II
Sun 11:00am - 1:00pm
ToBe Determined

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