Arabic Levantine Media Conversation

Description: This class offers an opportunity to practice conversation with other participants in structured speaking activities. Participants will first be introduced to common discussion strategies such as offering an opinion, asking for clarification, and agreeing and disagreeing. Then participants will use these strategies in pairs and small groups as they engage in a variety of speaking activities on topics of interest, including current events, social issues, culture, politics, and more. YouTube, audio recordings, and online tools will provide support for some activities. In this course, students will watch clips of different shows in order to cover the diversity of the society by learning the commonly used phrases and understanding the Levantine culture in each situation.

Prerequisites: In order to qualify to take this class, an assessment must be conducted over the phone to determine placement level. In order to schedule a placement assessment with the instructor, please email This course is intended for students who are at an Intermediate/Advanced Arabic level, have had previous Levantine Arabic instruction, and/or have studied Arabic in a Levantine Arabic-speaking region.

Attention: This class will take place via Zoom. The class size limit is 6 students in order to emphasize conversation time for each student. Registration will close once max enrollment has been met. 

Instructor: Rashid Haj Rashid has taught both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the Levantine Arabic dialect for the past 6 years at both the Middle East Institute and American University in Washington, DC.

Textbook: No required textbook, instructor will provide materials in class.

Schedule: This class will take place three times per week (M/W/F), one hour per session, for a total of four weeks. 12 hours total. March 29 - April 26, 2021. 

Spring II
Mon/Wed/Fri 11:00am - 12:00pm
ToBe Determined

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